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A. A. Fursenko Minister of Education and Science of Russian Federation
Yu. S. Osipov President of Russian Academy of Sciences

Programme Committee

Hot topics in physics and technology

Supervisor Session
D.A. Varshalovich   Evolution of the Universe
A.G. Zabrodskii Renewable energy sources
M.P. Petrov Controlled fusion
Yu.G. Kusrayev Spintronics: physics and applications
P.S. Kop'ev Nano-heterostructures and optoelectronics
G.F. Tereschenko Nano- and meta-materials

Leading research centers and advances in science and technology

Supervisor: A.G. Zabrodskii

Organizing Committees

A. G. Zabrodskii, Chair Ioffe Institute
V. A. Dergachev, Deputy Chair Ioffe Institute
A. Ya. Vul', Deputy Chair Ioffe Institute
A. P. Shergin, Executive Secretary Ioffe Institute
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